A Daily Evolver listener from Britain sent me this poem, and has agreed to let me post it anonymously.  To me it’s a great example of art from an integral altitude: flowing, vivid, multi-perspectival and ultimately relaxed and accommodating.   Big wow from me!  — Jeff

My beautiful community hear my prayer.

Dear Goddy,

I am lost
I feel helpless and I do not know what the next step is.
I am willing to feel all this and submit to the great unfolding mystery that is beyond me.

Let me open to the pain and fear associated with the next set of Cancer tests for my Wife today and let her healing be quick.
Let me fully open and feel the fear and pain of the burning of all my business stock in the riots and face the loss and uncertainty for myself ,my staff and all the people I work with and am connected to.
Give me the strength to know what one small step to take in the healing of the wake of these riots.
I feel so much anger and pain lord I want to fucking scream.
I feel the pain of the young couple who’s business was burnt and are lost as they feel they have no future.
I feel the pain of the young Asian guy whos face was bleeding and then people came up to him pretending to help him and then mugged him leaving him crying in the street.
And I feel the anger and pain of so many people not knowing what to do and looking for quick solutions as they blame the “other”.
I hold all of this in my heart in service and love of you and the great she mystery that destroys and create all things ,that has turned gasses into rocks, roses and reindeer.
I sit in, and as this mystery.
I breathe into this moment ,just as it is.

Body relaxes and tears flow.
A moment of siren less silence falls in the City.
A privileged dandelion flower floats past the window, smiling.

"Flames Coils Grace" (watercolor) : Art by Nomali Perera