• The Transpersonal Workout – 00:16
  • When Buddhists Go Bad – 21:10
  • Toxic Trump – 42:44

In this week’s podcast I again attempt to shed some light on what’s emerging in our ever-evolving world …

  1. The Transpersonal Workout — I think I have stumbled upon a way to transform my morning workout from something I dread and suffer through, to something that has become quite meaningful and rewarding. In the process I have upped my weights, reps and results – and leave not just physically but spiritually strengthened.
  2. When Buddhists Go Bad — If Buddhism is a religion of peace, what explains the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, where the Rohingya Muslims minority is being killed and driven out by Buddhist militias, incited by Buddhist monks?
  3. Toxic Trump — In this segment I respond to a listener who makes a urgent request for relief from a bad case of “Trumpinosis” (fear and loathing of our President). I end the episode by sharing 15 minutes of a video of spiritual teacher Byron Katie as she helps a woman metabolize her distress at Trump. It’s a brilliant integral transmission. You can see the whole thing at “I’m Afraid of Trump – The Work of Byron Katie”.

* The Daily Evolver Live is my new daily (Monday through Thursday) video webcast produced by Integral Life. The podcast offered here is a compilation of highlights from last week’s episodes.