• Trump frustration turns into Trump fear – 00:23
  • Massacre at Mandaley Bay – 19:25
  • Hef, Harvey and the fall of the patriarchy – 43:55

I’m really enjoying doing my daily web show (Mon-Thur) on Integral Live. It gives me a forum to bring an integral perspective to the events of the day, in real time.

I know many of you prefer to receive the Daily Evolver the way you always have, so each week I will also offer highlights from the daily episodes as a podcast. This week’s podcast includes:

  1. The Trumpometer has ticked from incompetent to dangerous. His base still loves him and progressives still hate him, but the mainstream middle, including Republicans like Sen Bob Corker, are warning of WWIII.
  2. The Las Vegas shooter highlights the price of America’s second amendment: high-tech guns in the hands of homocidal maniacs. Yet what’s up with the ongoing paradox of increasing gun ownership and decreasing gun violence?
  3. Male domination of women is nothing new. Though modernity and postmodernity seek to dismantled it, pockets of patriarchy continue to flourish in the strangest places, even liberal Hollywood. Till last week …

I hope you enjoy the podcast!