• Never heard anybody articulate so beautifully the differences between integral self and holistic self; although hearing explained so succinctly, it felt like home. Like many kensho moments when it opens us to a deeper understanding that we can never close again. Thank you. Yellow is still trying to understand and let go, teal accepts.Steven Webb
  • Great conversation in the transition from one tier to the next. The clear appreciation of the seminal work of Clare Graves, Don Beck and Chris Cowan is wonderful. Thanks to Jeff Salzman and  Nomali Perera. 1:09: 26, well invested! – Albert Klamt
  • What a wonderful conversation, thanks for sharing! A must-listen for every integral person.Johannes Schunter

Enough people have been experimenting with integral consciousness for long enough that some of its contours are becoming apparent. As with all stages of human history, integral both sheds new light and casts new shadows on the human condition.

In today’s episode, Nomali Perera, my dear friend and colleague in integral practice for nearly 20 years, and I share a few of our observations.

  • 13:13 – How integral includes, and get hijacked by, previous stages of consciousness
  • 39:14 – “Integral bypassing” – what the maps show us vs the territory we can actually inhabit
  • 52:10 – The qualities of the Yellow/Teal and Turquoise stages of Integral consciousness, and how we can embrace both

I hope you enjoy the episode and, if moved, let me know what you think! Send emails to [email protected] or leave me a voicemail here.

Nomali Perera is a certified integral coach, facilitator and trainer, and can be found on Practical Integral.com