The Democrats’ Integral Convention — And glimmers of hope on the right

Hey gang, I couldn't stay away another minute. There's just too much happening with this crazy, mixed up election. So here is a new Daily Evolver podcast I recorded over last couple days, to share some of the evolutionary impulses I see arising out of this astonishing play of events.

I focus on a new Integral sensibility that I see emerging among the Democrats. Their convention in Philadelphia was a beautiful example of a Green multicultural gathering, with every creed, color and progressive identity well-represented, including the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. I expected all that. What I didn’t expect was a gathering that was also lit up by Amber traditionalist values, old-fashioned values such as patriotism, humility, faith and optimism. But there they were: the flags, the prayers, and the sense of promise, even progress — all Integrated into a green, postmodern worldview that used to have antibodies to each of these things.

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Can integral theory solve climate change and save democracy? A conversation with Alan Watkins

In "Wicked and Wise", Alan and Ken use climate change as an example of a wicked problem. “Integral coherence”, or applying the integral map in a coherent fashion, is the essence of the solution. In the podcast, Jeff and Alan discuss climate change, the problems of globalization and democracy, getting CEO’s to do the right thing, and even Donald Trump!

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Daily Evolver live

Political correctness and the evolution of culture

There is political correctness, it turns out, at every stage of development, from the capitol crime of blasphemy at the traditional/amber stage to the prejudices and microaggressions you may not even know you’ve inflicted at the postmodern/green stage. Jeff shows how they are pushing humanity into new, ever more humane and compassionate territory. Also, Obama’s last State of the Union address.

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The soul of jazz part 1: The songs

This post is an addendum to The soul of jazz part 1: A conversation with integral music critic Greg Thomas. "Maple Leaf Rag" by Jelly Roll Morton"West End Blues" by Louis Armstrong"Swinging the Blues" by Count Basie Orchestra "Kansas...

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Looking at the super blood moon with a pre-modern mind

From the podcast “Is the Pope integral?”  As an integral practice, we look at the super blood moon as if we didn’t know what it was. We look at it with a pre-modern mind. So we do our best to tune into seeing the blood moon at the consciousness where...

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The Daily Evolver Live podcasts resume on Tuesday nights!

Think the world is going to hell? Tired of the same old left/right, good/bad, yes/no arguments? Want to throw your shoe at the shouting heads on cable news? Then join us for a live weekly podcast where we explore current events from an integral perspective. Every...

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