"I just want to give you a big THANK YOU for the Daily Evolver. It has become my favorite podcast (and I listen to a lot of podcasts) and I think the way you analyze current events and locate them on the integral map is just so exquisite."

- Justin

"I am in complete awe, fascination and wonderment of The Daily Evolver podcast. It has helped broaden my insights, expand my heart, stretch my imagination and feel utter joy."

- Julie

"Thank you from the top, bottom, and infinite center of my heart for your podcast!"

- T.S.

"As tensions mount and nerves are put on edge, the way you discuss and analyze the political issues at play puts me at ease. It's therapy for me to hear your sanity and the integral perspective. It's your down-to-earth, feet-on-the-ground voice that you bring to bear on the issues that calms me down. You reel off some profound insights as if they were the most common-sensical of deductions, which in a way they are. In any case, they give me pause, allow me to hit the reset button, and get on with life."

- Alan

"How delighted I was to listen to your podcast perspectives rather than the liberal press I mostly listen to. The integral lens is a relief!!! Thank you. It feels as though it is a place where I can land and be more at peace because it holds the Truth of Evolution. We are evolving."

- Marcia

"Thank you for continuing to help us make progress with our daily evolution!"

- Tom

"Outstanding. Ringing with intelligence, truth, and eloquence. I was quite blown away."

- Lynn

"I love you all,
Love all your work stands for,
God is GREAT, and Life.....is GOOD!!!
Thanks for helping to pave the road."

- Greg

"I just discovered your podcast about 3 months ago and it has been an amazing resource for me. It is really helpful to hear you process a variety of topics through the integral lens. Hearing it discussed in this way gives me a different perspective than reading books. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

- David

"I'm constantly amazed at the layers of integral second tier consciousness being laid down to create a higher altitude for those who are listening to these conversations, Jeff. Thank you. I'm all in."

- Marilyn

"You are an incredibly clear communicator and I appreciate so much how you analyze contemporary news and politics."

- Matan

"Holy crapola.
You are right up the alley of whats what.
I’ll be listening to your every word from now on."

- JJ