Text by Corey deVos

In this special episode of The Daily Evolver, Jeff talks to Cindy Wigglesworth about activism from an Integral perspective, addressing some of the big questions currently resonating throughout the integral community. When is it time to reflect, and when is it time to act? Cindy is busy becoming a digital activist in her own right, and trying to find the crucial leverage points are in the larger cultural conversation to help shift things in more positive and integrated direction.

In their talk, Cindy and Jeff explore her views of the current U.S. culture—the good, bad and the ugly. Particularly in this election year of 2012, we all have many choices in terms of where to give our money, time, and support, with the wide variety of worldviews that are now vying for the American people’s attention. Cindy looks at the larger view of the U.S. as a system, asking whether the current conservative (traditional) stance on issues that matter to her (like women’s rights) are a sign that we are regressing as a culture, or if this is all just part of the expected pattern of dissonance that occurs whenever a transition to the next level of cultural development begins to emerge.

Jeff and Cindy are both very interested in trying to come up with a brand new narrative that actually represents the very best of what we can be, rather than one that represents our greatest fears of what we might become.

As the Taoist teaching goes, “the master does nothing and leaves nothing undone.” Join us as we explore what this means as it relates to Integral Activism and our shared urge to make our world just a little more beautiful and more whole than we found it.

Listen to an excerpt below. The full audio is here on integrallife.com.