Jeff recently spoke with Terri O’Fallon of Pacific Integral about her StAGES model of adult development, and to Kim Barta, a master psychotherapist who uses Terri’s research in his work. We’re posting the conversation here so you can hear about their work before the upcoming weekend at the Integral Center later this month, September 27th – 28th, when Terri will present her findings regarding this groundbreaking new theory and assessment methodology.

Practically, it gives us a roadmap for our individual and collective human potential.” ~Terri O’Fallon Ph.D

The model has been statistically grounded to correlate with the Sentence Completion Test as advanced by Susanne Cook Greuter which is the most widely-used and researched test of adult human development. StAGES validates three new, later stages of development; it is the first integrally based developmental model, incorporating quadrants, states, lines and types. As such, StAGES provides statistical support for Ken Wilber’s integral theory. It reveals a natural sequence of deep “vertical” structures, as well as iterating, wave-like patterns of development.

If you’re interested in human development — particularly your own higher stage development — listen to the conversation. And consider attending the weekend program led by one of the true pioneers in consciousness evolution.