When Jack was in Boulder recently he interviewed Jeff for his series “The Conscious Change Agent Web Show”. Jack is a social entrepreneur and a really smart guy with an integral awareness and lots of heart. He splits his time between the UK and the US. Find more of him at beingjackbutler.com.

In this video Jeff speaks to Jack about the strengths and limitations of the three main stages of development that dominate world culture currently, how an integral worldview changes everything, and the major polarities that drive cultural evolution.

0:09 welcome and introduction to Jeff Salzman

1:05 why integral theory lit Jeff up in way he had never been previously

2:40 why integral can include all ideologies and how that benefits us

3:10 what is post- post-modernism?

3:30 what three cultures are currently online in the Western world, which most people miss

4:50 why post-modernists see what modernity did with hierarchy and so reject any notions of hierarchy – and how this is problematic

7:30 why integralists aren’t bummed out on life! (vs the ‘green malaise’)

8:00 **newsflash** – why it is objectively true that this is the best we have ever had it! – including what Jeff calls ‘the trailing edge of warfare’ and the astonishing problem of having too many calories

9:00 what each worldview wants us to get and who the enemy is

11:25 why there are no enemies in the integral worldview

14:20 why the post-modern worldview is still fear-based – seeing some malevolent force outside the system

15:45 why Jeff exhorts you to develop a ‘radical friendliness to the evolving catastrophe of life’

17:10 the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’

17:50 why 2nd tier development moves you into a ‘love operating system’ – where your worldview isn’t predicated upon something being deficient

18:30 the development of a transpersonal or ‘bigger Jack’

19.00 how different personality types are magnetized to different aspects of reality – and we need everyone in the party

20:30 what do we need from global governance?

21:40 why the world getting together to agree on a better world to live together is a ‘green fantasy’

22:00 global governance is already happening

24:30 conflict is really conflict between stages of development – e.g. the world being a titanic battle between good and bad

25:55 ‘being an American is interesting….it’s not better…it’s like my eye color’

27:45 the apocalyptic future…science fiction doesn’t predict the future, it prevents it

28:20 the rise of extreme right parties – how problematic is that?

29:20 how people use developmental achievements from a higher level of development which they could never invent themselves

30:20 why ‘the regression’ after removing a dictator is really the ‘suspended animation’ of what was there before the dictator

31:25 Obama spikes into integral on a good day!

31:35 why you have to let people fight it out (and just encourage healthier ways of doing that)

32:20 what Obama could do from an integral perspective (and why history will judge him kindly)

34:20 what’s happening on the leading edge of development with millennials aka Generation Nice – and why human beings get nicer and nicer

35:20 ‘to see is to care’- why technology is helping us to see everything now

37:00 why liberals beat conservatives over time (not because they relax!)

37:30 why the gay rights movement has been so effective and why we should take hope from that

39:10 why attitudes to homosexuality are markers of cultural development [in ‘red’ cultures, homosexuality is punishable by death; in ‘blue’ cultures you can be banished or jailed and so on]

42:10 post-modernity as rehabilitating the victims of the past

43:10 the moral intuition that comes online around including everyone

44:20 what’s the relationship between cultural mores and law? The rocking chair effect

45:50 the declaration of independence is written by a guy who buys and sells human beings!

46:20 current polarization as a stage of development

47:30 Steve McIntosh / The Institute for Cultural Evolution, and how men have taken on qualities of women and women have taken on qualities of men

48:50 how liberals and conservatives both have a part of the truth the other doesn’t and how integral can be inherently pragmatic

50:55 superintelligence and artificial intelligence – what governance do we need?

52:20 what is human interiority?

53:10 why because of interiority Jeff doesn’t worry about machines taking over the world

54:40 transhumanism – and Jeff’s concerns

55:50 the dangers of an invisible internet

56:10 the scariest thing on the planet – modern and post-modern technology in pre-modern hands

58:10 why progress proceeds funeral by funeral