I was interviewed at the Integral European Conference by Alex Howard for London-based Conscious 2 TV. In a quick half-hour I lay out many of the themes I deal with here at the Daily Evolver. Check it out!

Highlights include:
1:44 – As long as anyone is suffering we are all suffering
3:00 – The present doesn’t look so bad if you look at it in the context of history
5:02 – Violence is decreasing radically in the world
9:40 – The end of war
9:58 – Development is the answer to everything
13:30 – We have a duty to care
17:07 – It’s irresponsible not to be grateful for life
19:04 – How did we allow some people to have so much and others to have so little
23:54 – To think a higher level thought is actually a contribution to the cosmos