Today I’m sharing a talk I did a couple years ago at a conference that Integral Life produced in Boulder called “What Next”. I chose this talk because it is a succinct expression of what has become one of the central themes of my work with the Daily Evolver: that I’m heartened by the state of our world.

Through the integral lens, I see the evolution of consciousness and culture creating more goodness, truth and beauty in the world than ever before in human history. And it’s a process that is accelerating. I argue that to realize this is an integral move, however difficult considering the cultural currents of doom, cynicism and anxiety–a.k.a. the postmodern malaise.

Seeing the positive trajectory of history not only creates a happier life, but also empowers us to be truly helpful in solving the problems and healing the suffering that persists. Because we operate less from fear and more from love. And we know we’re riding the updraft of history.

I hope you have a listen. And I’d love to hear your comments and questions. Jot a note or record a voice memo on your smartphone and email it to me at [email protected], (or use the Speakpipe tab on the right).