Stuart Davis has been on the integral scene since before there was an integral scene. His art and music spring from the rich realizations of integral theory with nary a line or a quadrant mentioned. Two years ago the family packed up and moved from Boulder to Amsterdam, along with Stuart’s intention to turn inward—less time touring and performing, more time gestating and writing.

Jeff invited Stuart onto the podcast so we could all catch up with him and find out what’s been going on in that ingenious brain and sweet heart. It’s a fun conversation that veers between American and European culture and politics, integral art and the struggle to produce “depth-oriented” entertainment, and the blossoming of a worldwide integral community.

A decade and a half after the publication of Ken Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, and the founding of the Integral Institute, it’s fun to listen to these two gossip, reflect, and look ahead to what’s coming. Find out more about Stuart Davis here.

Stuart’s song “The Ladder” is about the evolution of consciousness. This version has lyrics and photos: