From the podcast “Is the Pope integral?” 

As an integral practice, we look at the super blood moon as if we didn’t know what it was. We look at it with a pre-modern mind.

So we do our best to tune into seeing the blood moon at the consciousness where all of nature is real, alive, immediate. We are not just in relationship with it, we are it, in ways that are difficult for the modern mind to comprehend. Everything is local, tactile, drenched in meaning.

In our practice of getting in touch with our tribal consciousness, we have no concept of the moon being 238,000 miles away. I mean, what’s that? For us, the moon is what it appears to be: an object in the sky that is always just out of reach. Maybe a few hundred feet off the ground floating, gliding in various forms just over our heads, over the treetops, just over the mountaintops.

That you see it one night slowly begin to turn a bloody, scabrous red would have to be portentous. It would have to mean something. There’s no other option for human beings. Human beings are meaning-making creatures. We can’t help ourselves. We’re Homo sapiens. We think about things. My dogs weren’t interested in the super blood moon — but I was.

~Jeff Salzman