Jeff talks to Alex Howard about the importance of engaging in political issues and how we can support the world in becoming a better place.

2:45 Making friends with reality

4:20 Humanity is moving forward

6:20 Disengagement and vested interests

9:15 All stages of development are appropriate

10:40 Conflict is the engine of moving forward, we become radically friendly to that process

11:45 Fighting and failing forward

13:40 Polarities integrate into a new thing

15:20 People feel righteous in their tribes. Integral has to be friendly to all of them

17:00 The polarization of migration

18:10 God wants us to do moral dilemmas!

19:00 How to get leaders that will lead us to integral

20:18 Human beings just can’t tolerate being stuck for long

22:35 Losing battles change ideas