few years ago Alan Watkins noticed, while watching a news story about a global crisis, that he kept hearing about the same problems over and over again. “Why is it that these problems are intractable?” he asked himself. Thus was born Wicked and Wise: How to Solve the World’s Toughest Problems, which he co-wrote with Ken Wilber.

Many [business leaders] are beginning to realize that there is something else other than quarterly profit, there’s something else other than returns to shareholder, there’s something else other than just growth and the relentless pursuit of growth. More companies are recognizing social purpose is important. –Alan Watkins

Wicked and WiseIn Wicked, Alan and Ken use climate change as an example of a wicked problem, which they define as a situation with multiple dimensions, multiple stakeholders, multiple causes and symptoms, and which is evolving. Using the integral map they explicate its component parts and provide solutions, which is where the “wise” part of the title comes from.  “Integral coherence”, or applying the integral map in a coherent fashion, is the essence of the solution.

Wicked is the beginning of a series of books applying integral wisdom to our thorniest problems. The second book, Crowdocracy, has already been published as well.

You might even say, looking back developmentally, that moving into every new stage is a wicked problem, because you’re facing problems that you don’t have solutions for. –Jeff Salzman

In the podcast, Jeff and Alan discuss climate change, the problems of globalization and democracy, getting CEO’s to do the right thing, and even Donald Trump! We hope you enjoy this fascinating conversation. The paperback version of Wicked and Wise is available now on Amazon.

Alan WatkinsAlan Watkins has multiple degrees and is recognized as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He’s written numerous academic papers and academic book chapters in multiple fields as well as authoring five books himself. He lives in Hampshire, England. Find out more about Alan and his work at www.complete-coherence.com.

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