Jeff begins this episode with a heartfelt reminder of just how valuable integral theory is for opening our hearts and understanding our world. It helps us to see and accommodate more of reality, to make sense of competing worldviews and conflicting truth claims. “All schools of human wisdom find their place in the bigger integral view,” he says.

Jeff invited special guest Theo Horesh on to the show to talk about candidate Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement he’s leading. Theo is an integrally-informed author and thought leader who’s been a political activist since the days of Ralph Nader and the Green Party. He’s especially savvy about using social media to organize (check him out on Facebook).

The role of the party is obsolete in a way. They had the think-tanks and the donors, and all of the infrastructure of getting elected, but that’s no longer as necessary and valuable as it used to be. We have other means of getting organized. –Jeff Salzman

Jeff and Theo talk about:

  • Money in politics and income inequality: Sander’s message of a moral economy
  • Sander’s policy proposals are not radical or untested: the European model of socialism
  • The critique of Sanders: he’s not integral
  • Bernie or bust: supporting Sanders as a referendum on Hillary Clinton
  • Are the two parties obsolete? What does the future of American democracy look like?

Also in this podcast:

  • Pre-trans fallacy: a conservative Muslim scholar condemns America with help from the classic song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
  • The perfect example of two first tier stages talking at each other: Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski confronts Donald Trump about his careless use of words
More about Theo Horesh...
Theo writes at Elephant Journal. He is a former cooperative organizer and host of the Conscious Business podcast. Most recently, he co-founded The One-Step Peace Solution, which would mandate fair and equal courts in areas under Israeli control. He is the author of Convergence: The Globalization of Mind, and the recently published book of interviews, The Inner Climate: Global Warming From the Inside Out, with leading thinkers, like Frances Moore Lappe, George Lakoff, Paul Ehrlich, and Andrew Revkin. He has been meditating for 25-years and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.

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