Today Jeff talks with integral teacher Terry Patten about his latest book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries.

Patten is pioneering a robust and dynamic new form of activism that fuses the “inner work” of personal transformation and awakening with the “outer work” of service and commitment to social justice. He calls this evolutionary activism. Such activism can include social entrepreneurship, conscious business, community building, lifestyle innovation, and much more.

It interweaves spiritual evolution with social and political engagement and recognizes that the two are interdependent. The purpose of evolutionary activism is to create whole system change. That means transforming everything from our economic system to how we have conversations. “Changes in consciousness and culture may be as essential to our shared future as reducing our dependence on fossil fuels,” says Patten. It is with integral evolutionary activism that we can bring about the profound transformation of self and world that our era requires.

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