Today Jeff is joined by his dear friend and colleague Diane Musho Hamilton for a fascinating conversation about the changing nature of spiritual practice. Together they look at what is emerging in terms of:

  • 1st person practices: how spiritual and psychological methods have integrated to boost the power of both
  • 2nd person practices: the creation of a committed sanga that can move beyond pseudo-community to authentic connection and mutual awakening
  • 3rd person practices: the forms of heirarchy and tradition that carry forward the power of lineage, yet must be translated for contemporary practitioners who are self-responsible instead of submissive

Interested? You can join Diane and an international sanga of practitioners for a 10-week inquiry into this important topic, in “The Future of Zen Practice: Exploring the Encounter of Tradition and Innovation”, presented via the Zoom video platform.

Diane Musho Hamilton is a leading integral teacher and also a Zen Sensei whose sanga, Two Arrows Zen, operates out of a urban Zendo in Salt Lake City and a beautiful new Mountain Zendo in the red rocks country of Southern Utah.