The drama surrounding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is proving to be a seismic event in cultural and consciousness evolution.

This week Jeff shares and reflects on listeners’ response to last week’s episode: Judging Kavanaugh. Like his listeners, Jeff focuses on the emerging recognition shared by many of gender dynamics that had previously remained unseen. A common trajectory:

  • New sensitivity to our historical traumas creates a larger worldview – which can extend to embrace the pain of others.
  • Softening one’s identification with that worldview liberates it (and us) into integral consciousness …
  • … which is able to also hold the unique truths of previous worldviews which have not become sensitive,
  • making us far more effective in nurturing the evolution of a new culture that can integrate the gifts of all.

Plus: Why it had to be Kavanaugh. And a modest proposal for evolving the Court.