Today I’m joined by Corey DeVos, editor-in-chief of Integral Life. I invited him on because my job is highlighting the emergence of integral consciousness, and I have been really impressed with the stuff Corey and company are putting out these days. (Plus they host my live show twice a week, and I want them to know I love them!)

In our conversation I asked Corey about three recent offerings that particularly touched and edified me:

  1. A memorial to Father Thomas Keating, who passed away in October and who developed the practice of Centering Prayer, a contemplative, post-mythic portal to the spiritual heart of Christianity. Corey and I commemorate Father Thomas’s contribution to each of us and to the field of Integral Christianity, not just with his teachings but also through his personal transmission.
  2. The Ken Show, where Corey hosts Ken Wilber in a series of video conversations using integral thinking to illuminate some of today’s hot philosophical topics. Their latest, “Is Free Will an Illusion?”, really hit the sweet spot for me, explaining how determinism and free will work together to create the universe – and us. It really expanded my understanding, and reminded me of the explanatory power of integral theory, especially as applied by Ken.
  3. Ginny Whitelaw’s new webinar, Lead with Purpose. As a long-time producer of professional development training I have to say Ginny is terrific – and integral! She’s a Zen Master, a NASA trained executive, has a PhD in biophysics and a fifth degree black belt in Akido – and brings it all to a course in personal effectiveness that features the full power of integral consciousness.