According to Shane McDermott, my guest today, the biggest challenge of being human is living in a body. At every stage of development we are in conflict with how we look, feel or function.

Shane approaches whole-person development through the portal of physicality. In our discussion he shares his methods for freeing up life force and releasing patterns that constrict us without our being fully aware of them, including how to:

  • Identify and heal past traumas at the source
  • Embrace a deep self acceptance of your body exactly as it is
  • The wisdom drives of the body – with a special emphasis on relating to nature
  • How to attend to issues of chronic pain, injury and illness

Shane MeDermott is a Master Integral Coach (through Integral Coaching Canada), with additional certification in Structural Integration Bodywork, Yoga, Feldenkrias, Intuitive Energy Medicine, and Corrective and Holistic Exercise Kinesiology. You can contact him at [email protected] or at his website