This week I take a look at a recent issue of New York Times’ Sunday Review (2/24), where seven of eighteen articles focus on the real-time evolution of sex and gender relations.

The Sunday Review is a quality barometer of the cultural weather in America and is must reading for me each week. In this podcast I endeavor to bring some integral perspective to the following selection of articles:

  • Stop Counting Women: Quotas and tallies won’t bring real progress on gender parity
  • Not the Fun Kind of Feminist: How Trump helped make Andrea Dworkin relevant again
  • What Formula Does for Dads. A young father finds bliss in bottle feeding
  • It’s Not That Men Don’t Know What Consent Is
  • Why the Priesthood Needs Women
  • Why Celibacy Matters. How the critique of Catholicism changes and yet remains the same

Just another week in the Culture War. Enjoy!

Please forgive the three short sections of defective video