Season’s Greetings, Friends!

Here are three end-of-the-year treats: guest appearances I made recently on other peoples’ podcasts. It was certainly a treat for me to be on the subject side and to share the profound gifts of the integral vision with such engaged interviewers. Each episode is “civilian-friendly” and may be good to share with people who are interested in the basics of integral theory. Enjoy!

Jeff Salzman

Integral Politics
The evolution of the culture wars and where they may be headed
THE AMIEL SHOW, with Amiel Handelsman

Bigots and Snowflakes: What Do You Have in Common?
A surprising way to deal with your Trump-loving friends and family 
THE NEW MAN PODCAST, with Tripp Lanier

The Unividualist and the Integralist 
A discussion on the profound gifts of integral theory 
WHAT IS LIFE, with Tim Freke