Like everything, the practice of psychotherapy is evolving. Emerging in the field today is a new integration of modalities that have previously been siloed, each claiming to be the best. But best for who – and what?

My guest today is integral psychotherapist and Zen priest, Chad Bennett, who explores the new integration of therapeutic processes that is taking shape. He starts by describing the three major streams of psychotherapy:

  1. Shadow work seeks to penetrate psychological issues, which are resolved by thinking and insight.
  2. Trauma work deals with biological issues, which are resolved by sensing the body.
  3. Attachment work addresses issues that are ultimately spiritual in nature, and are resolved, as he puts it, by “being”.

In this episode, Chad explains how each modality works – separately and together – and maps their integration in a way that serves as a guide for both choosing and managing your therapeutic adventure. Our conversation made a lot of pieces fall into place for me, and I trust it will for you, too!

Chad Bennett is an Integral Zen priest studying with Doshin Roshi, and has been a practicing psychotherapist for many years. You can find out more about Chad at his website Integral Somantic Awakening.