In the lineage of Integral philosophers, Jean Gebser is a mystic. Famous for delineating the structures of human consciousness as archaic, magic, mythic, mental and integral, he regarded them as arising not just sequentially in history but also vividly in an ever-present now.

“While it is clear that adults possess various mental and physical capacities not possessed by children, and modern cultures possess scientific and technological capacities unknown in primal cultures, it is equally clear that children possess profound imaginal capacities greatly diminished in most adults, and primal cultures take for granted a deep connection with, and intimate knowledge of nature that is impossible to achieve in modern cultures, a connection and knowledge for which many of us harbor a profound yearning.

– Jean Gebser (1905-1973)

My guest, integral philosopher Jeremy Johnson, president of the Jean Gebser Society, explains how Gebser’s vision is uniquely relevant to contemporary life, and how it offers an integral spiritual transmission that seeks to be manifested through practice.

Jeremy is pioneering this practice, and in this episode he shares the themes of his new course, Seeing Through the World – Integral Consciousness and the Ever-Present Origin, starting this Sunday, Feb 23. Check it out and I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Jeremy Johnson has a degree in sociology from Fordham University, the Jesuit College in Manhattan, and a Masters in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College. He is the founder of Nura Learning, and author of the book, Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness. 

Gebser portrait by Nina Bunjavec