One of the most powerful projects to come out of the integral movement is the practice of “authentic relating” with its core 2nd-person technology of “circling.” The Boulder Integral Center was a laboratory for its development, and Jason Digges was in the thick of it, first by being personally transformed, then by teaching it to others … and now with his terrific new book Conflict = Energy, The Transformative Practice of Authentic Relating.

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the book:

Did we really think we were doomed to become social media automatons? No, a new consciousness is arising, what Jason Digges calls the Human Connection Movement. Central to it is the practice of “Authentic Relating”, the fruits of which Digges transmits in this wise and beautifully-written book. He provides both the map and the means, through a series of well-honed practices, for growing into nothing less than the next stage of human relations, for both individuals and the culture at large.

I’m happy to have my old friend Jason Digges on the show and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Jason Digges has been working in the Integral space for over 15 years. He co-founded Authentic Relating Training International and has led courses in 20 cities around the world.