Thank you Jeff. I love your show. Thank you for this talk. I struggle with these same feelings and it was good to find some humor in it.John & Barbara Knoops
Many thanks Jeff and Keith. Your episodes are always enjoyable and thought provoking. I immediately resonated with the concepts of empathy without demanding empathy in return, re-enchantment and ceremony. I have experienced these in my own life and look forward to more conversations that address their further development.Barbara Senglaub

Dr. Keith kicks off this episode with research showing that although virtually everybody lies, most people vastly prefer to tell the truth and believe other people are doing the same. But how do we as integralists make sense of competing truth claims, particularly from different sides in the culture war?

How do the facts and logic of modernity stack up against the allure of premodern myth and story? And what are the effects to the body politic of the long-term diet of lies served up by our newly-certified Loser-in-Chief?

“The Shrink and the Pundit” is my ongoing conversation with integral psychotherapist Dr. Keith Witt.