Hello friends,

I received some kind words from my dear friends and guests of the Daily Evolver as February 26th of 2021 marked a decade of podcasting!

Thank you to all of you who have been joining me through the years, inspiring me, teaching me and challenging me. I hope you’ll stick around for more to come!



Dearest Jeff,

Well, my dear friend, I wanted to thank you for

beautifully delivering 10 years of Daily Evolver, which has been a terrific conveyor of Integral material for a decade. I’ve always been so glad that you were doing this, and I’m delighted to have this opportunity to tell you so. You have been a real force for disseminating a genuine understanding of Integral Theory and its

importance for our modern world. What a wonderful broadcast this has been—and how glad I have been to see it out there!!

So thanks again, my good friend, for doing this—what a fantastic service to the world this has been!

All blessings to you, good buddy!

Total love,

Ken Wilber

Immense congratulations to Jeff and the Daily Evolver!

It is an enormous contribution to our Integral community to host a wide-ranging podcast with Jeff’s innate intelligence, profound heart, ready sense of humor and Integral sensibilities. He is teaching the rest of us how to think, how to inquire, and how to have the best conversations about the most important topics.

With enduring respect and love,

Diane Musho Hamilton

Shortly after meeting Ken Wilber for the first time, I attended an Integral Sunday service ministered by you Jeff. Your evangelizing of the qualities of Integral Theory just made sense to me as a newbie. As our relationship grew to include designing events and creating podcast offerings together over the years, my appreciation also grew of your intellect, your heart and your compassion. You have always been a good friend to me and mine. Today as I explore the gamification of Integral activism, your perspectives continue to move in and around me. Congrats on 10 years, Jeff. More to come… as we say.

Always much love,

David Riordan

Jeff Salzman’s Daily Evolver podcast is a beautiful fruit of the spirit and an outstanding service to the world. No matter how controversial or difficult the subjects he examines, Jeff manages to take the high ground. For the last ten years, his thoroughly integral head and extra-large heart have consistently renewed my hope for humanity. In today’s raging media environment the Daily Evolver provides an oasis of trustworthy clarity.

With deep appreciation,

Steve McIntosh

Big thumbs up, Jeff! We began corresponding in the early days of The Daily Evolver after I wrote in about a statement that I felt needed more nuance and unpacking. You were warmly open and receptive to constructive feedback, and still are. I’m grateful that we’ve become friends since. I assure you: I’m far from alone in honoring your service to humanity’s advance through the evolution of consciousness and culture, which now includes a “post-progressive” future! Thanks for your big heart of love and empathy, Jeff. I think the next ten years will be even better than the first!

Best wishes,
Greg Thomas

Dear Brother Jeff,

Congratulations on 10 years of Daily Evolver! What a great landmark!

I remember meeting at the first ever Integral event at the Westminster hotel. Since then it’s been so wonderful working with you on Integral Leadership In Action events and getting to know you better through so many of your roles – at Integral Life, at Boulder Integral, and at Daily Evolver. But no role has been more wonderful than as my friend.  I’ve come to know and appreciate so much your kindness, generosity, hard work and steadfast holding of Integral space for the learning journey for the community.  You have been a friend to hug and an ear to listen for so many of us. And you are a role model of continuous learning. Thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do.  Your service and love has helped us all.
Blessings and love to you!
Sister Cindy
Cindy Wigglesworth

Congratulations, Brother Jeff!

Ten Years After that first episode, you’ve found your groove! So many people are hearing you, and you’re continuing to comment on this wild and wooley human journey. You generously and generatively educate, clarify, and broadcast your integral insight and your unique spirit of blessing. Thank you, congrats, and I love you!

With a deep bow,

Terry Patten