The Post-Progressive project proceeds! In this episode, Steve McIntosh, president of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, joins me to introduce a major new web publication created to transcend and integrate our polarized politics: The Post-Progressive Post.

Subtitled, “A Home for the Politically Homeless” the Post-Progressive Post seeks to be a meeting place for integral thinkers, folks who see value in many sectors of the political spectrum and want to join the effort to form an “omni-inclusive” worldview.

In this podcast, Steve guides us on a tour through the site, including:

  • Post-progressivism defined: the 100-word version, the 700-word version and the multi-page version
  • An ever-growing array of news analysis, opinion columns, blogs and podcasts by leading integral thinkers
  • Win-win-win positions on the issues of the day which honor traditional values, modern values and postmodern values
  • Quizzes and exercises to help you explore your own integral consciousness
  • Portals to the post-progressive Facebook and Twitter feeds, and more ways to get involved

The Post-Progressive Project as a whole is an initiative of the Institute for Cultural Evolution. Steve McIntosh is the president of the Institute and I am on its board of directors. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and The Post-Progressive Post!