Welcome to a new episode of Post Progressive Inquiries, where my co-host Steve McIntosh and I talk with people who are co-creating the next stage of human development.

Our guest today is David Storey, a professor of philosophy from Boston College. David discovered integral thinking outside of academia, as did most of us, but is now bringing its principles to bear on his teaching. Whether the subject is history, religion or the emerging ethics of environmentalism, David’s focus is on helping his students to learn how to communicate across worldviews.

David, Steve, and I cover a lot of territory in our conversation. In the first part, we talk about how academia is itself evolving, particularly in its warming to developmental theory and in its engagement with the culture at large. In the second half, we discuss how to bring more cultural intelligence to humanity’s climate challenge, and highlight David’s new essay in the Post-Progressive Post: Why We Will Grow Together or Grow Apart.

I hope you enjoy the episode – and check out the Post-Progressive Post! – Jeff Salzman

David Storey also hosts the podcast, Wisdom@Work, where he talks with philosophers who have gone beyond the Ivory Tower to build careers outside of academia. Steve McIntosh is the founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, and author of many books on integral theory including his latest, Developmental Politics.