Today I am joined by my dear friend and colleague, Diane Musho Hamilton, to honor our brother-in-arms, Terry Patten, who recently passed away at the age of 70. Terry was beloved by many in the Integral community, and Diane and I had the privilege to teach and work with him for nearly 20 years.

As Diane recounts, Terry was “the consummate integralist”, awake to his own mind, body and spirit, and dedicated to the wellbeing of all: family, friends and the world at large. I think of him as Integral’s “Zorba the Greek”, whose warmth, laugh and sheer ecstatic transmission could turn any gathering into a celebration. Above all Terry was an activist, championing what he called the “revolution of the heart”, an integration of:

  • The “inner work” of self-awareness and personal transformation
  • The “interpersonal work” of authentic, compassionate relating
  • The “outer work” of practical, beneficial action in the world

In our conversation, Diane and I reflect not just on our extraordinary friend, but also on the history of the Integral movement, the evolution of its ideas and practices, and the countless people who have been uplifted by the evolutionary vision. For anyone watching this episode, there is a photo show at the end. I hope you enjoy! – Jeff Salzman

Terry Patten’s life’s work is articulated in his final book “The New Republic of the Heart, An Ethos for Revolutionaries. You can find out more about Diane Musho Hamilton, and contact her about her offerings, here.

The cover version of the song Spirit in the Sky is credited to Black Feathers.