Today I’m talking with David Fuller, one of the emerging luminaries of the emerging emergence movement (whew!). David, along with his partner Alexander Beiner, founded Rebel Wisdom four years ago, and has built it into a significant, integrally-informed cultural player, managing to thread the needle between – and beyond – the warring ideologies of traditionalism and progressivism.

David shares his journey of development and how it led to the creation of Rebel Wisdom. He describes how the platform has itself evolved, morphing beyond its initial association with Jordan Peterson, who has gone hard anti-left. Rebel Wisdom has moved forward into new arenas, most notably sense- and meaning-making, and is currently exploring the territory beyond atheism. “Maybe even a world of spirit?”, I ask? David’s answer gives me faith in the continued evolution of Rebel Wisdom’s terrific contribution to global awakening. Enjoy the episode! – Jeff Salzman

PS – Rebel Wisdom has featured several integral thinkers, including Ken Wilber. You can check out a recent conversation David hosted with Diane Musho Hamilton, Steve McIntosh and me here.

PPS – One slight technical matter: My side of the conversation recorded in audio only, no video. So when I speak you’ll see a still photo of me – which is why I’m so stiff and my lips aren’t moving!