This week I share our collective outrage and heartbreak over the shooting of the Texas schoolchildren and teachers, and manage to offer some hope that this time it will be different, that this shooting will heighten a social pain-point – unstable young men equipped with weapons of war – sufficiently to transcend political polarities. In this episode I ponder:

  • America’s enneatype, frontier culture, “traditionalism with guns”
  • Integrating the MSNBC and FOX News worldviews
  • Recognizing budding criminality
  • Matthew Yglesias’s positivity blowback
  • How about the first part of the second amendment?
  • The ever-widening circle of moral consideration
  • What our grandchildren will know
  • Blessings to all

This is my last regular weekly episode of the season – see you in September!

– Jeff Salzman