In this short episode, I am joined by Jose and Lynn Fuentes, who are producing an exciting conference for the integral community this November in Sedona, Arizona.

The event is called Integral: What’s the Future and What Can We Do About It? It is designed in the spirit of a lineage of powerful gatherings that I (and perhaps you) participated in many moons ago. Jose and Lynn bring up golden memories for many of us when they write on their website:

Somewhere between an Integral Living Room, an Integral Incubator, and a What Next Conference, there is a field – meet us there!

Especially touching for me is that Lynn and Jose are invoking the spirit of our dear, departed Brother Terry Patten, who was integral to those historical events, and they are explicitly carrying on Terry’s transmission of joyful activism. As they write about the upcoming conference:

We are gathering to consider how we can make a positive difference in the world. Come prepared with an open heart and mind, some great ideas for strategically inserting an integral consciousness into the world, and a desire to have fun doing it.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Lynn and Jose Fuentes and are inspired to check out the conference!

Integral: What’s the Future and What Can We Do About It?

November 3-6, 2022

Poco Diablo Resort, Sedona, Arizona

$499 early bird ends August 15th