The extraordinary events in the Middle East continue to unfold this week with the revolution in Libya. In a few short weeks, the forty-year-old reign of Muammar Qaddafi finds itself hanging by a thread in Tripoli.

In this interview, David Riordan and I take a look at what’s been happening in Libya, asking the following questions:

  • What makes Libya different than Egypt? (0:00)
  • How does Libyan oil influence our decisions about what actions to take? (6:23)
  • How can we help modernism arise in Libya? (11:50)
  • What new muscles do the U.S. and western powers need to develop to support the rise of modernism in the world? (17:10)
  • What do events in Libya mean to emerging global culture? (22:10)

So what do you think? Are we currently seeing evolution, revolution, or regression taking place in Libya? Let us know in the comments below!