With everything in flux on multiple global fronts, including events in the Middle East, the budget debate in the US, and the frenzied antics of Charlie Sheen, the continuing nuclear crisis story in Japan seems to have been pushed off the front page. We wanted to be sure not to drop the ball on this tremendously important story, so David and I take a look at how an Integral perspective can help us make sense of the ongoing aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.

Here we discuss:

  • How do we keep our heads in a complex crisis situation where there is so much fear and so many unknown consequences?
  • How do we make intelligent decisions when there is so much at stake on a personal level, a national level, and a global level?
  • Should nuclear power still be included in our energy solutions for the future, or should the nuclear crisis in Japan be considered a deterrent against nuclear energy?

So what do you think? How does an Integral perspective help you sort out your own reaction to and relationship with what we have been seeing in Japan over the past several weeks? Let us know in the comments below!