This is an excepts from the Daily Evolver Dialogs
… an on-going conversation on current events from an integral perspective, with Jeff Salzman and David Riordan, published by Integral Life.

This week’s Daily Evolver explores what the world might look like if you see it through an Integral lens. Watching the news most any night of the week, it’s easy to collapse into a ball of self-contraction and wonder if things will ever get better. But of course, the Integral vision reminds us to think differently.

Listen as Jeff and David examine the perspectival shift that the Integral view allows us as we watch the moment-to-moment unfolding of the world. We are reminded that we are neurologically hard-wired to seek out danger, and our current media environment is perfectly designed to provoke all our worst fears. However, a more Integral perspective offers us a chance to break free from this spell of cynicism, and to make a much-needed shift from merely reacting to the latest news, to freely witnessing our own experience as we relate to the headlines.

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