This week’s Daily Evolver takes a look at 2012 through the lens of Integral futurism. In this conversation, Jeff and David begin by looking at the two major themes that are culturally associated with 2012: apocalypse and transformation. They explore ways to help us contract less in the face of our current apocalyptic challenges, and to inquire more deeply into the transformational possibilities of what is emerging.

It’s easy to feel like we are careening towards some unknown future. Seemingly insurmountable challenges continue to crop up in just about every dimension of human activity. The speed at which information travels through an increasingly interconnected social media is both mind-numbing and invigorating in the same breath.

Jeff and David take a look at the difference between the quality of fear that is a marker of first-tier cultural views, versus the newfound abundance and being that Integral consciousness brings forth in a second-tier development. Apart from these first-tier fear responses, is it possible that one of our central worries about living at an Integral center of gravity is the fear that we will no longer be motivated to continue to transform?

2012 promises to be a real roller coaster, offering multiple opportunities to practice your own brand of Integral living. Join us as we push over the top and begin the exhilarating free fall toward a future that might be completely different that anything we’ve ever imagined.

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