This week’s Daily Evolver turns the tables a bit, as Jeff interviews David about what’s been happening with Integral Christianity here at Integral Life. In spite of recent negative press about the failings of some within both traditional Catholic and Protestant churches and the subsequent emptying of the pews, Christianity is still being practiced by over 2 billion people worldwide, and is currently experiencing an explosion of growth in Africa, China, and various third world countries around the world. In other words, Christianity endures as one of the greatest psychological, social, and cultural forces on the planet.

David shares a bit of his personal story about the rekindling of his interest in Christian practice resulting from an experience he had while producing a network television series, and deepening when he finally had an opportunity to meet Ken Wilber and Father Thomas Keating. Jeff then recounts his own Christian “recovery” process, as he continues to reintegrate important aspects of his traditional Christian upbringing, which he feels are vital to any effort toward a more “Integral” Christianity. As he says, “Christianity did not go wrong in the development of the traditional church, but actually got it just right for the global culture at that point in history.”
And now, along with brand new discoveries about the origin and purpose of Christ’s teaching, the world is far more ready to embrace the unique teaching of love that Christianity contains at the core of this profound (and often problematic) lineage.

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