This week’s Daily Evolver looks at the recent #OccupyIntegral manifesto posted by Terry Patten and Marco Morelli, calling for more engagement from an Integral community that is often criticized for being too heady, arrogant, elitist, and aloof—qualities that may be preventing some of us from making a real and lasting impact upon the rest of the world.

Listen to an excerpt below. The full audio is here on

David and Jeff first look at the history of the Integral movement, beginning with Integral Institute. They also take a look at the timing of Terry’s and Marco’s #OccupyIntegral article against the backdrop of change that is currently taking place in the extended Integral community—especially as more and more people around the world continue to get turned on by the Integral Vision and by the work and writings of Ken Wilber. The question of “who are we now, and where are we going?” is resonating so strongly within the Integral community, and we thank Terry and Marco for such a refreshing call to action—one that is already stirring up an incredible amount of discussion in various pockets of the Integral movement.

Finally, Jeff and David take a moment to discuss the ongoing evolution of our upcoming Integral Gathering this winter, which will replace Integral Spiritual Experience over the next few years. This event will more directly support integrally-informed folks like me and you as we figure out how to more fully engage the world, and to truly “walk our talk” for the good of the entire planet.

Let us know what you think, and how you are going about “Occupying Integral” in your own day-to-day life!