This week’s Daily Evolver focuses on the 2012 Presidential campaign as election year politics continue to heat up with countless attack ads bombarding us from all sides of the political spectrum, fueled by unprecedented amounts of campaign funding that is now flooding our political system. Is this politics as usual, or evolution in action?

Listen as Jeff and David inquire the current political fray, and ask whether it’s enough to use the Integral view to better understand the strife, or if we have a personal obligation to bring the unique wisdom of Integral thought to help move the ball forward towards a more productive discourse. Everyone says that Americans have a real choice this year on the vision they think will best move the United States forward—but are both candidates actually representing these competing views, or just trying to get elected? They also discuss whether or not we have a right to know more about the Republican candidate that wants our vote in November, and what the final results of the election will say about the current mindset of Americans.

Through this conflict there’s actually new intelligence brought into the system that’s often not seen and recognized. I feel like it’s my job to see it and recognize it. ~ Jeff Salzman

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