This week’s Daily Evolver focuses on the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the constitutionality of President Obama’s health plan. Jeff and David look into the evolutionary march of the US health care system as the public and private sectors continue to argue their ideas about what’s in the greatest good for all of us.

Jeff and David discuss the fact that the United States has been the only developed country that does not have some sort of socialized healthcare solution, and explore why America seems to be such an anomaly when it comes to taking care of its citizens. Though you could certainly make the argument that the Affordable Care Act is not perfect in its present form, both Social Security and Medicare began in a very similar way, and ultimately what emerged ended up working fairly well.

In addition to the actual Supreme Court decision, Jeff and David also look at the role that Chief Justice Roberts played in providing the swing vote for upholding the plan. Much debate has begun about Robert’s motives–do they represent a new swing in sentiment as Roberts tries to reclaim the legitimacy of the court while putting his own stamp on “his court”? Or, as others have suggested, was his decision an opening salvo in re-shaping the political and cultural landscape of America into a more conservative mode?

Finally, Jeff and David look at the potential impacts of the decision on this year’s presidential election as both camps attempt to spin the results in their favor. The ultimate political question for both sides is, will the election be won or lost on the healthcare issue–or will it swing on the condition of the economy, as many expect?

Clearly, this Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare has put something in motion that has yet to fully reveal itself. After all is said and done, will we have a better healthcare system? What do you think?

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