Profound point here from David Brooks in his 8/23 column in the New York Times:

… the No. 1 political fantasy in America today has inebriated both parties. It is the fantasy that the other party will not exist. It is the fantasy that you are about to win a 1932-style victory that will render your opponents powerless.

Every single speech in this election campaign is based on this fantasy. There hasn’t been a speech this year that grapples with the real world — that we live in a highly polarized, evenly divided nation and the next president is going to have to try to pass laws in that context

What he’s pointing to is a fantasy of every first-tier world view: that there is one proper way of seeing things, and once everybody is persuaded to that point of view peace will reign over the land. But it never happens because people have different antennae — they literally receive different inputs — and different ways of making sense of the world.  (These variations extend beyond world views; see my previous post about the genetic differences between liberals and conservatives.)

At second-tier (integral) stages of consciousness we get to see that the way forward is not for any side to win — and thank God for that. We see that the contention itself is the engine of the development of a bigger system that includes the intelligence of all contenders.