In this video I respond to the following question I received from a reader:

… don’t you think that violence persists even in the developed world through coercion and predatory capitalism? Especially when it comes to third-world nations that are forced to open to multinational businesses that give them the short-end of the stick, and often treat their countries, and their environments, parasitically?

In undergrad, we called this “neo-imperialism” – and despite the fact that multinational corporations are no longer conquering the world with guns and navies (thinking of Japan getting its borders forced open by the US in the 19th century), empires persist in the form of McDonald’s, Walmart, and of course the oil companies. I don’t see how this is necessarily “better.” Rather than militaristic empires, we now appear to have hegemonic forces built explicitly on parasitic capitalism.

This is a view we hear a lot in progressive and integral circles. In the video I attempt to highlight the “piece of the truth” of the Neo-Imperialist thesis, and place it in a larger context that is not nearly so bleak. Let me know what you think!