As I write this posting I can’t help but remember an incident that happened a couple decades ago when I was working with W. Scott Peck, the author of The Road Less Traveled, one of the most popular spiritual books of the era (13 years on the NYTimes best-seller list). We became good friends over time, and I remember him once asking me “what is the profession that you would most hate to be a member of?” My answer was easy: “TV preacher,” a group of cringe-inducing hucksters who I saw as the lowest of the low.

He looked back at me, took a drag on his ever-present cigarette and replied, “then that is what you shall become.”

And so I kinda have, albeit the internet variety, spreading the good news not of Jesus Christ (not exclusively at least), but of Emergence Itself, the upward draft of life, the procreant urge of the world, as Whitman wrote.

Here’s an audio of a sermon (oh God, really?) I presented for a group on a recent Sunday morning at the Integral Center here in Boulder. It’s a basic overview of how evolutionary theory is able to integrate essentially all human spiritual paths into a larger embrace where each can be appreciated for the gifts it brings. This is the theory behind a new, indigenous form of integral spiritual lineage. The actual practice of this lineage is currently under construction by path-breaking spiritual teachers all over the planet.

Interested in a little integral evangelism? Have a listen…