Okay, I confess: I’m sitting here with my morning coffee wiping tears from my eyes watching Ultimate Male Adele Covers on YouTube.

It’s a video collage of young male singers performing their versions of Adele’s song, Someone Like You.  The video features eight of them, each singing the song’s big, luscious chorus.

What we see in watching this same riff over and over again is not monotony but indeed the opposite: the precious individuality of each interpretation.

It reminds me something Ken Wilber once said, “we liberate by limiting.”

But what really breaks my heart is the sheer beauty of each voice and performance, all self-generated by these young men who are unknown in mainstream media, not signed to any record company, not necessarily good looking, living in Podunk Wherever, but who have these Stradivarius gifts.

With today’s emergent media technology they are able to give their gifts, and if they’re good they find their audience. The video has been seen by over 30,000 viewers. And some of the young singers featured have followers in the hundreds of thousands. Gone are the days when a singer had to be anointed by Clive Davis, Dick Clark or Ed Sullivan.

We are in a golden age of creative human expression, and it’s just getting better…