Two of my favorite evolutionary bro’s, Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps, will be appearing at The Integral Center in Boulder on April 1st, 7pm, for a presentation and discussion on their new integral political think tank, The Institute for Cultural Evolution (“ICE”).

ICE is organized around the goal of applying key insights from integral philosophy to help evolve public opinion and improve the quality of America’s democracy. Carter and Steve, together with integral leaders Elizabeth Debold (Harvard Ed.D. and former editor of EnlightenNext) and C.U. Professor Michael E. Zimmerman, have developed detailed campaign plans for action on the issues of climate change and political polarization. The evening’s presentation will describe their strategies and tactics for achieving realistic, measurable goals that will represent real progress around these two urgent issues.

Community input is crucial in the think tank’s start-up phase, and we encourage all those interested in evolutionary political activism to join the discussion. To read ICE’s campaign documents and for more on the work of this think tank, please visit