Dr. Keith Witt is one of my favorite conversation partners. He has been an integral enthusiast for decades, and a practicing psychotherapist in Santa Barbara for nearly 40 years, conducting over 50,000 therapeutic sessions. In other words he knows the human animal up close and personal.In this audio¬†conversation, recorded earlier this morning,¬†we talk about some of the textures and markers of integral consciousness. Get more of Keith’s expertise and insight at drkeithwitt.com.

JEFF: One technique you use as a therapist is simply to keep the conversation going. I love that. And two, to be in a dialectic with people. Describe that.

KEITH: In a dialectic, two people are pursuing truth, observing themselves observing truth, and interested in receiving influence and giving influence. This particular form of relationship generates wisdom.

I want everybody I work with to be abnormally loving, abnormally happy. I want them to be developing abnormally fast. My job is to accelerate those processes. To do that I start by inhabiting a second tier space and inviting them into it through a dialectic.

JEFF: Just keeping the conversation going. In this moment I’m just realizing the power of that…

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