We local Boulder integralistas had another lively discussion at the Integral Center last Monday night, doing our best to take an evolutionary view of the week’s events. We started with the big issue of the day here in the States: gun safety and the crazy yet predicable struggle in Washington to respond to the recent rash of gun violence, particularly the murder of twenty children in Newtown. How do we make sense of it without demonizing “the other side?”

Our friend Wayne Guenther introduced us to a new word, schismogenesis, which defines how position-taking between world views tends to be self-reinforcing until each side reaches hardened positions, frozen stasis and then … evolution!

And finally an analysis of the world’s favorite new villain, Kim Jong Un. Is he truly dangerous or a clown (or … a dangerous clown)? If the North Korean shake-down pattern continues, this upcoming week may tell the tale.

We hit a few other hot topics too; below is an index of all the festivities on video. Use the timecodes to jump to what interests you, or just sit back and join us for the whole shebang. Till next time!

 The Daily Evolver Live | The Integral Center | April 8 2013

02:00 The arguments for and against gun control from an integral perspective, and why the arguments play out the way they do.

13:20 Differing world views and schismogenesis, an engine of evolution.

25:40 The stages of community; keeping the conversation going is how we grow.

40:15 The psychograph of early American immigrants and our personality as a nation.

1:00.00 There’s no mess-free option for evolution, and claiming our territory as Integralists.

1:13.50 So how about that Kim Jong-un?