The big story this week is the revelation of large scale US government surveillance of phone and internet activity. We also noticed a fascinating story from New Guinea about witches and cannibals, which illuminates the magical strata of consciousness that resides in all of us.

#1 The Winding Down of Tribalism (1:26)

Two stories from New Guinea got worldwide attention this week: the public burning of a woman accused of witchcraft, and the killing and cannibalization of several suspected witch doctors. A examination of these incidents gives us insight into magical consciousness and tribal culture (magenta altitude), which is the lagging and soon-to-vanish tail of human development — except in our own minds.

#2 Living in The Post-Privacy World (13:00)

Edward Snowden sure knows how to make a splash!  Last week, the CIA contractor revealed a secret US government program to mine data from the phone calls and internet activity of ordinary Americans, culling info on who we communicate with, when and for how long. Reactions across the political spectrum have been fierce and not always predictable. Special guest: Wayne Guenther.

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Wayne Guenther is a consultant and project manager in the banking and financial services industries, having led projects throughout the US, Russia and Asia. He has followed the evolution of integral theory and practice since encountering Ken Wilber’s writing in 1995. Wayne has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.